Monday, November 28, 2011

True Women for Sale (2008) - Sing kung chok tse yee: Ngor but mai sun, ngor mai chi gung (original title)

The story revolves around two women in the grassroots of Hong Kong society, struggling to survive and haunted by demons in their respective pasts. The literal translation of the Chinese film title is "I do not sell my body, I sell my uterus". In fact it deals with one woman who indeed sells her body but strives to improve herself and one woman who views herself to be of higher status than the street walkers, but in reality is also selling herself by marrying someone and becoming pregnant just to become a Hong Kong citizen. The two women live in the same apartment building and share some interactions on screen; however, their stories do not necessarily intermix. The movie takes place in the Sham Shui Po area of Kowloon, Hong Kong circa 2000...

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